Holistic Wealth Planning

We work to help you along the path to long-term success. Our financial planning process strives to create a high probability of achieving your desired outcomes. Here’s what to expect from us:

get the facts - a plan true to you

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Before we can plan, we need to know where you are and where you want to be. We begin with a free, no-strings-attached meeting that helps us understand who you are, what is important to you, and how we can help. We achieve a clear understanding of your short-and long-term needs and aspirations. This process helps us not only get a sense for what you envision for your future, but also understand your current obligations, limitations, and preferences. For example, clients often have restrictions on investments based on their job. Other clients may have a short-term expected cash flow need. Incorporating this data in our analysis is critical for developing a robust financial plan.

Fee Reviews

The financial industry has an ugly truth: excessive and often hidden fees charged for investment products run rampant. As part of our initial consultation with prospective clients, we offer a free fee review. This is designed to help you understand the fees you pay on your existing investments, and covers any fees you may be paying for advisory, brokerage or custodial services, as well as expense ratios on your securities and fund investments. We also present potential options for you to save on fees through more cost-effective investment options.

Lowering the burden of unnecessary fees paid by clients is always time well spent. We often find that we can save clients a significant amount of money on fees, which we believe is a fantastic mechanism to further compound your wealth. Simply put, the long-term impact of reducing fees is substantial. Even saving half a percent per year can have dramatic consequences on your wealth over decades.

Identify Your Problems

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We believe in an approach to financial planning that focuses on impact. We work with you to identify your pain points, whether you know them or not, and then we find solutions to your problems. We do not ask you to visit our office and fill out a ten page form before we meet (or after). We figure out the issues that matter most to you and address them as soon as possible. Once those issues are taken care of, we will turn our focus to other items that help you, and repeat as needed.

understanding risk

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The most valuable lesson from our years of investment experience is to focus on risk. This includes risk in the market as well as business and personal risk. For instance: while investors cannot control the return the market provides, they can control the amount of risk they take in the market. The ability and willingness to take risk is specific to each client, influenced by a variety of factors. We’ll work with you to understand your unique situation, identify areas of risk, and determine the mix of solutions that are a good fit for your goals, time horizon, and level of comfort. Properly aligning your portfolio to your risk tolerance is among our most important jobs, as a strong understanding of the amount of risk taken and its potential impact over time gives you the confidence to make investment decisions for the long-term.

Implement Your Plan

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As our relationship progresses, you will have action items to execute. For example, if you decide to shield assets, you will need to talk to a family attorney. If you need insurance, you will need to speak with an agent. A tax professional will be involved in some of these action items as well. Our team will coordinate with these professionals as needed. We will keep track of these action items and follow up with you to ensure they have been completed. Our team will also execute changes in your portfolio to bring it in line with your plan.

Communicate, Monitor, and Adjust

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Ongoing management of your financial plan includes working with you on specific areas that we can improve. This requires a personal relationship and open lines of communication with you. Once we begin working together, we check in periodically to discuss open items, monitor your progress, and ensure you are comfortable with the progress made towards your goals. Life changes may require updates to your plan and investment mix, and we will work with youto ensure we’re ahead of any issues you may be facing. We constantly monitor markets and the landscape of investment opportunities for potential improvements to your portfolio. Most of all, we want you to feel comfortable with your investments and plan, so we are always available to discuss or answer your questions.