Purpose-built investment strategies, aligned with your goals and values

We are a team of veteran investment managers that have steered portfolios through good and bad markets; we know how to build resilient portfolios designed to safeguard your financial future.

In-house Investment Management Tailored to You

Many financial advisors outsource portfolio management to money managers. This is a profitable strategy for the advisor - it costs the advisor nothing and allows the advisor to spend his or her time finding more clients. It also costs you more. That isn't how we operate at Martello Investments. Investment management is a core responsibility of your wealth manager. When you choose us, you will work with a team of people that specialize in managing investment portfolios and spend time understanding the market. Managing client funds internally reduces the “all-in” fee paid by our clients, and is just one way we focus on our clients' financial futures.

We understand that there is no “one size fits all” investment approach. We utilize our expertise in investments and technology to build custom portfolios that account for the goals and values of our clients. Our team believes independent thinking is critical to building resilient investment portfolios; we rely on our own research and due diligence to source and structure investments. We believe our approach, which is driven by discipline, long-term thinking, and value, results in thoughtfully constructed investment portfolios built to stand the tests of time and market cycles.

Our areas of investment focus include:

Retirement Portfolio Strategies

The possibility of outliving your money consistently ranks among the most significant fears faced by those near to or in retirement. This highlights the importance of a sound portfolio and financial plan. Our goals are to protect and grow what you’ve built, maximize your peace of mind, and make sure you never run out of money.

As a seasoned team of portfolio managers, we advocate what has proven itself successful over the long-haul. Our team chooses a diversified mix of investments based on your goals and our long-term market expectations, and seeks to implement them in the most efficient, low-cost way possible.

Multi-Generational Wealth Management

Our team can help affluent families protect and grow wealth for future generations. Our multi-generational approach helps ensure that the wealth you leave behind is deployed responsibly and is well-managed for your legacy.

Wealthy families typically possess one of the most valuable assets an investor can have: a long time horizon. To build and grow sustainable wealth over generations, a long-term mindset is your greatest advantage. We focus on matching your capital with durable, long-term investments to protect the purchasing power of your money over many generations.

Alternative Investments

For qualifying clients, we offer access to alternative investment opportunities, including liquid alternatives and private market investments. Alternative investments can provide an additional engine of portfolio growth that is not necessarily dependent on rising stock or bond prices. The goal of incorporating alternative strategies into your portfolio is to diversify it further, lower risk, and generate a more consistent return.

Investing in alternatives requires a meticulous understanding of each potential investment’s risk and return as well as its effects on the total portfolio. Some advisors have access to a suite of alternatives, but knowing which alternatives are appropriate for your situation is of the utmost importance. Martello’s team has robust alternatives investing experience for institutional clients and high net worth individuals. This experience gives us the tools to understand alternative strategies, the factors driving their performance, and the impact of economic environments on risk and return expectations for each investment opportunity.

Investing for impact

Investors are increasingly incorporating environmental and social considerations into their portfolios. Recent polling suggests that over 80% of investors want to promote positive social and environmental development while achieving competitive returns,and data from UBS suggests sustainable investment funds have topped $1 trillion in assets globally.

We can work with clients interested in incorporating non-financial principles (including environmental, religious, social, etc.) into their investment policies. For these clients, we utilize values-based criteria to analyze individual companies and funds to make sure your investments remain in-line with the issues you hold dear.

yield enhancement and income

In recent years, investing short-term money has become more challenging as rates available from banks and money market instruments have fallen to historically low levels. Retirees, trustees, and many others are often faced with the difficult choice of taking unacceptable risk to generate needed income. We work with investors to maximize yield on their cash reserves while maintaining access to funds and limiting the amount of risk taken. We also introduce clients to mechanisms for increasing the yield on their long-term investments without taking additional downside risk.
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