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Managing wealth and investments presents families and organizations with unique, complex challenges. Martello’s full suite of wealth management services is designed for helping our clients build more secure futures through smart decisions, deliberate planning, and careful management of your investments.

How We Serve Our Clients

Martello Investments, LLC is a wealth management and advisory firm serving high net worth families and individuals, retirees, and institutional investors. We are a fee-only advisor that is independently owned and operated, which means we aren't beholden to a Wall Street bank and don't sell products on commission.

Your financial future is our only priority. Our mission is to help clients grow and protect wealth so they can accomplish their goals, be it a satisfying retirement, charitable pursuits, or generational wealth building. We also help institutional investors meet their fiduciary obligations through consulting and outsourced CIO services.
At Martello, we understand that there is no “one size fits all” investment approach. We utilize our expertise in investments and technology to build custom portfolios that account for the goals and values of our clients. Plus, as a registered investment advisor and fee-only fiduciary, our interests are aligned with our clients, and we never earn a commission for anything we recommend. Our team believes independent thinking is critical to building resilient investment portfolios; we rely on our own research and due diligence to source and structure investments. We believe our approach, which is driven by discipline, long-term thinking, and value, results in thoughtfully constructed investment portfolios built to stand the tests of time and market cycles.
Financial planning is an ongoing process, not a single point in time. We help you craft a clear vision of your short and long-term goals, and everything we do supports you in achieving this vision. As your advisor, we become your trusted partner, helping you stay on track and working with you towards achieving your goals. We do this through continuous monitoring of your financial picture, trajectory, and needs, keeping you updated at every step along the way.
Planning for your future requires careful consideration of your goals. Achieving these goals often involves other professionals skilled in tax preparation and advice, estate planning, or insurance. Martello serves as a liaison for everyone working towards your goals and works with these professionals as issues arise. We also provide you with the platforms and tools you need to monitor the progress towards your goals.

institutional services

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The unique challenges faced by institutional investors such as foundations and pension funds require specialized planning skills and investment tools. Martello’s principals have worked with institutional clientele for years on investment sourcing, portfolio construction, risk management, and portfolio monitoring/reporting. Our team brings to the table the experience and knowledge to build portfolios that meet the exacting standards for volatility, risk, liquidity, and income required by institutional directors and trustees.
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