When money and life intersect, we’re there for you

Wealth management is much more than picking the investments in your portfolio. We get to know our clients on a deeper level so we know how to help you succeed in life. Nobody can do it all by themselves, and we are your wealth coordinator; we will work with your team of professionals to accomplish what needs to be done. We provide the rest.

coordinating with other professionals

Many clients need recommendations for specialists for tax, legal, or estate planning advice. We provide referrals to professionals we trust when needed. Other clients may have an existing team in place, and we are happy to communicate directly with your tax advisors, legal professionals, and others that are important to your financial situation as issues arise. Your information and data is strictly confidential, so we will not discuss your financial matters with anyone without your consent.

Trusted Third-Party Custodian Partners

At Martello Investments, we partner with highly recognized banking institutions that specialize in safeguarding your assets. You will always receive statements from these institutions as well as from Martello, so you have peace of mind that your money is safe.

Charles Schwab: Charles Schwab & Co has more than 30 years’ experience as a custodian for clients of all backgrounds. Schwab holds over $4.1 trillion in client funds.

Interactive Brokers: Interactive Brokers has an advanced technology platform and with more than $160 billion in client funds and over 40 years’ experience, they are the preferred custodian for many sophisticated advisors and money managers.

Systems to Keep You Informed

We have systems in place to make sure you are consistently updated on your investments and progress. All of this is included in our standard fee.
  • An online client website that helps you see your accounts, accessible from any computer or Apple/Android device.
  • Reports sent directly to you after the end of each quarter detailing your account balances, holdings, and transactions.
  • Frequent emails and phone calls.
  • Annual review meetings (in person or virtual).
  • Additional meetings, as requested.
  • Quick and easy access to us via phone and email.
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