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Martello is a wealth management firm serving high net worth families and individuals, retirees, and institutional investors. We are an independent registered investment advisor. We aren't beholden to a Wall Street brokerage company and don't sell investment products on commission.

Our advisors offer a broad range of wealth management services, and our team is always available to help and answer questions. We help clients with their entire financial picture, ranging from investment management to financial planning. Our team can also analyze your existing retirement plan and investment strategies, provide guidance about asset allocation, fund selection, and fees.

You can trust that our advisors will provide independent, objective advice to you and your family. Your financial future is our only priority. Our mission is to help clients grow and protect wealth. Clients often have varied objectives, be it a satisfying retirement, giving to charity, or passing wealth to the next generation. 

The Martello Difference

It’s hard to trust a financial advisor that sells you a product for a commission. Our experience has taught us that much of the wealth management industry is broken. Far too many financial services firms are overrun with conflicts of interest and excessive financial advisor fees. We offer something different.

Martello is a fee-only advisor committed to the fiduciary standard. This means we act in the best interest of clients by vowing to put your needs above our own.

Our advisors strive to provide objective advice, transparency, and purpose-built portfolios. Clients receive our constant care and attention. This gives them the confidence to live life to the fullest while we steward your hard-earned wealth.

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